Most of the websites designed by The Right Angle use a Content Management System (CMS) known as Concrete5. The Right Angle has also developed a number of add-ons for Concrete5 that provide enriched functionality and improved usability. The details of the major add-ons are provided below...

Orbit Image Slider

The Orbit Image Slider is a lightweight jQuery slider for images and content that has been developed by Zurb as part of the responsive Foundation web framework (

This slider has been designed with Responsive Web Design Principles in mind, allowing images to scale beautifully regardless of the device on which they are being viewed.

By choosing one of the Orbit Slider menu options here you can see the add-on in action using a variety of different configurations.


One of the problems with Responsive Web Design is how to deal with responsive images. Scott Jehl has developed a "Picturefill" utility that will allow different images to be served, depending on the device on which they are being viewed - see for more details on Picturefill

The Right Angle has taken Scott's "Picturefill" and packaged it up as an add-on for the Concrete5 CMS.

The add-on provides the ability to select four different images, specifying which image is to be served for varying device sizes - Smartphone, Smartphone to Tablet, Tablet and Desktop.